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  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    What is skin cancer?  Skin cancer happens when normal cells in the skin change into abnormal cells. There are 2 main types of skin cancer: melanoma and non-melanoma. Non-melanoma skin cancer can occur anywhere on the skin, but is often on the head, face, neck, back of the hands, arms, and legs. This is because […]

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  • Corneal Abrasions

    What is a corneal abrasion?  A corneal abrasion is a scratch on the cornea. The cornea is the clear tissue that covers the colored part of your eye. What causes a corneal abrasion?  A corneal abrasion can happen when something scratches your eye or gets stuck under your eyelid. Common things that can scratch a […]

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  • Insect Bite With Cellulitis

    How are insect bites and stings different?    When an insect bites you, it uses its mouth parts. When an insect stings you, it uses a special “stinger” on the back of its body. Biting insects can transfer blood from other people and animals they’ve bitten to you. That means they can infect you with […]

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  • Cellulitis & Abscess

    When should you be checked out?    There are many types and causes of skin infections, and it is important to know the most likely cause of the infection before beginning treatment. Using the wrong treatment could allow the infection to worsen. To ensure that the correct treatment is used, it is important to be […]

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  • Rash

    What is a rash?   If you have a rash, your skin might be red, dry, itchy, or cracked.  If your rash is caused by an allergy, you might also have some swelling or blisters where you have the rash. Severe symptoms include: ●Pain ●Widespread swelling ●Large blisters, oozing, or crusting of the skin   […]

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  • Conjunctivitis

    Conjunctivitis It is an “inflammation of the conjunctiva.” The conjunctiva is the mucous membrane that lines the inside surface of the lids and covers the surface of the globe up to the limbus (the junction of the sclera and the cornea). The portion covering the globe is the “bulbar conjunctiva,” and the portion lining the […]

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  • IV Hydration

    IV hydration   There are many reason why some gets dehydrated. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea is a common event that may require intravenous hydration.  If you’re dehydrated, you don’t simply need pure water – you need an electrolyte solution. It’s vital that you replace not only water, but also minerals like calcium, sodium, magnesium and […]

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  • Bronchitis

    What is bronchitis?  Bronchitis is an infection that causes a cough. It happens when the tubes that carry air into the lungs, called the “bronchi,” get infected . Usually, bronchitis happens after a person gets a cold or the flu. The viruses that cause the cold or flu infect the bronchi and irritate them. People […]

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  • Laceration Repair

    Stitches and Staples (Laceration Repair-The Basics)   What are stitches?   Stitches are a way doctors can close certain types of cuts. A doctor uses a special needle and thread to put in stitches. He or she sews the edges of the cut together and ties knots to hold the stitches in place. The term […]

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